Canon Medical Launches New 80-Row CT Scanner Aquilion™ Prime SP With Complete Clinical Capability

Zoetermeer, June 9th 2017 – Canon Medical Systems Europe introduces its next-generation 80-row multi-slice CT scanner, Aquilion Prime SP, at this year’s UKRC (12-14 June, Manchester, UK). The Aquilion Prime SP incorporates a wide range of Canon Medical’s premium technologies to meet the increasing healthcare demands of superior imaging, improved workflow and outstanding economic performance.

“Aquilion PRIME is a very successful product in our market. Our customers value the system’s strong performance and ease of use. With the new Aquilion Prime SP we take the next step by introducing major improvements in functionality, imaging performance and clinical applications” says Henk Zomer, Senior Manager of the European CT Business Unit.

He continues: “Aquilion Prime SP makes it possible to perform examinations at lower exposure and iodine doses, while acquiring high-resolution images thanks to breakthrough technologies such as PUREViSION™ Optics. In addition, the scanner incorporates cutting-edge clinical applications which further enhance throughput to ensure outstanding efficiency and high quality diagnostics.”

PUREViSION provides significantly improved imaging efficiency from photon generation to detection and by making up to 40% more efficient use of X-rays, the innovative PUREViSION detector allows clinicians to minimize patient dose while improving image quality.

Aquilion Prime SP also enables automated kV selection based on a patient’s size and the clinical task selected. As part of Canon Medical’s SUREExposure™ technology, this function can help to further optimize the use of iodine contrast, decreasing cost and patient risk.

Aquilion Prime SP offers a comprehensive suite of Adaptive Diagnostic solutions to make complex exams faster improving diagnostic precision and reproducibility. The dose-neutral metal artifact reduction technology SEMAR™ (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) utilizes a sophisticated reconstruction technique to remove artifacts caused by metal and thus improves visualization of the implant. Dual Energy helps identify calcifications and iodine maps and virtual non-contrast images improve lesion detectability. Canon Medical’s proprietary Iodine Mapping technology clearly depicts perfusion at low dose and iodine levels.

Aquilion Prime SP also features the new 3-phase Variable Helical Parameters (3-phase VHP) allowing a change in imaging parameters and table speed within the same exam helping to save time, dose and cost. Combining up to three protocols into one single scan helps you make excellent use of contrast media while reducing patient dose and motion artifacts.

Aquilion Prime SP truly delivers complete clinical capability.

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Aquilion, PUREViSION, SUREExposure, SEMAR are trademarks of Canon Medical Systems corporation.

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Canon Medical Launches New 80-Row CT Scanner Aquilion™ Prime SP With Complete Clinical Capability