Canon Medical introduces its newest premium women’s healthcare solution – Aplio i-series

September 20, 2016 – Canon Medical will introduce its newest premium Ultrasound system for Women’s Heath at the World Congress of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, which will be held from September 25 – 28 in Rome, Italy.

Aplio i-series combines superior image quality with the most advanced clinical applications in a highly intuitive design. This system takes diagnostic confidence and clinical capabilities to a new level while increasing workflow and productivity. Aplio i-series is the result of Canon Medical’s 50 years of dedication to ultrasound and partnerships with leading obstetricians from around the world.

Christoph Simm, Ultrasound Business Unit Manager, Canon Medical Europe explains: “With the new Aplio i-series we are extending our product line to the very top end with unique imaging and processing performance, which is reflected in outstanding image quality, ease of use, and a fantastic potential for new applications. Together with the current Aplio 500/400/300 Platinum series and the Xario 200/100 Platinum series we are offering our customers a very rich spectrum of attractive ultrasound products in the field of OB/GYN.”

The new iBeam-forming architecture provides enhanced image quality thanks to sharper, more homogenous ultrasonic beams. This further strengthens Canon Medical’s leading position in 2D image quality, which is most important in first trimester scanning and early detection of abnormalities.

Simplified controls, a visual guided user interface and automated image optimization features help to boost productivity, even during the more complex examinations, without compromising on accuracy and precision.

Newly developed transducers for the Aplio i-series are again setting a new standard for routine scanning and advanced prenatal diagnosis by utilizing intelligent Dynamic Micro-slicing (iDMS) and new beam-forming technologies such as iBeam. According to Petra Labs, Clinical Market Manager Ultrasound Women’s Health Care, Canon Medical Systems Europe, “These ultra-wide band transducers can cover with superior sensitivity, spatial and contrast resolution finest diagnostics from the earliest pregnancy to full term, while helping to reduce cost and increase efficiency”.

Next to improving its existing 3D applications such as Luminance 4D and Fly Thru virtual endoscopy, Canon Medical offers two completely new volume scanning technologies on the new platform:
With Smart Sensor 3D obstetricians can use 2D transducers to reconstruct highly accurate 3D volumes, allowing precise measurements to be performed. Shadow Glass provides clinicians volumes that contain more information about internal structures in relation with tissue borders.

Canon Medical’s unique Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI) technology has been further advanced, providing more vascular detail in ultra-low velocity flow imaging to reveal minute vessels in fetus and mother, never seen before with ultrasound. Dr. Jader Cruz, Portugal emphasizes: “SMI is proving to be an important new tool during first trimester cardiac assessment. It gives more confidence when assessing the fetal heart in the first trimester, especially the outflow tracts.” Dr. Danielle Tournarde, France added: “With Smart Fusion we can merge live ultrasound imaging with pre-acquired MRI data, making it easy to locate anomalies in complex anatomy quickly and safely.”

With the introduction of Aplio i-series and Diamond Sponsorship at the ISUOG World Congress, Canon Medical aims to further expand its leading capabilities in ultrasound imaging in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Canon Medical introduces two new premium systems for Women’s Healthcare: Aplio i800 and Aplio i700.

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