Canon Medical Celebrates 10 Years of Area Detector CT

Described as ‘a breakthrough CT system’ back in 2007, Canon Medical introduced the world’s very first dynamic volume CT scanner, the Aquilion ONE™. Driven by the clinical need for a volume scanner, the Aquilion ONE’s unique Area Detector opened doors to new ways of medical imaging. Ten years later, Canon Medical is celebrating this memorable introduction.

The introduction of the Aquilion ONE proved to be just the start of a revolutionary new way of medical imaging. With the launch of the new system in 2007, it became possible for physicians to not only view a three-dimensional depiction of an organ for the first time, but also the organ’s dynamic blood flow and function.

Both helical and multislice imaging are great milestones in the history of CT. The Aquilion ONE provided the next leap forward in CT technology. Unlike any other, the system provides the possibility to scan organs (including the heart and brain) in one rotation, as it covers up to 16 cm of anatomy using 320 ultra-high resolution 0.5 mm detector elements.

As clinical needs continually change, Canon Medical has collaborated with Key Opinion Leaders globally to further improve CT capabilities and push the boundaries of imaging even further forward. As new software developments provided more powerful tools, the possibilities for volumetric imaging extended even further.

With the introduction of the Aquilion ONE™ ViSION Edition in 2012, faster acquisitions became possible, enabling higher heart rates to be imaged at lower dose and even faster pediatric scans to be made. Together, with the introduction of Iterative reconstruction techniques and the efficient PUREViSION detector, another important leap forward in development in the evolution of dynamic volume CT occurred. The PUREViSION detector delivers 4D dynamic capabilities at high resolution with dose levels approaching those in routine diagnostic studies.

Just as Canon Medical revolutionized CT with the introduction of the Aquilion ONE in 2007 and the Aquilion ONE ViSION Edition in 2012, the introduction of the Aquilion ONE™ GENESIS Edition in 2016 marked the next step in Area Detector CT for Canon Medical. The Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition provides the user with techniques similar to conventional X-Ray. Additionally, the system is smaller, faster and is equipped with the latest PUREViSION Optics for improved image quality and lower dose.

This remarkable 10 year journey has resulted in unique software features and hardware developments that have changed our perspectives on CT. During our celebration of ‘10 Years of Area Detector CT’ you will discover and learn more about the beginning, present and future of Canon Medical’s Area Detector CT.

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