Canon Medical Systems Launches New Line of Interventional Systems at ECR 2019

Canon Medical Systems Launches New Line of Interventional Systems at ECR 2019

Alphenix Features All-New Hi-Def Imaging Detector with Highest Resolution in the Market to Help Clinicians See Fine Details

Vienna, Feb. 25, 2019 Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V. introduces its next-generation of interventional systems – the Alphenix platform – to the European market. The new flagship platform of systems incorporates all-new features that enable clinicians to deliver images with clarity and precision without compromising workflow – while prioritizing low dose.

With the launch of the Alphenix family, Canon Medical is also unveiling its exclusive new Hi-Def Detector (High-Definition Flat Panel Detector), which is available on the Alphenix Biplane and Alphenix Core+ systems. Made up of the world’s first high-definition detector – with 76 micron resolution – for resolving fine details, the unique hybrid 12×12 inch panel is combined with high-definition flat panel technology that results in resolutions of 2.6 lp/mm (Standard) and 6.6 lp/mm (Hi-Def Detector). The Alphenix Hi-Def Detector technology helps clinicians see finer details during complex interventional procedures such as stent positioning and stent apposition, wire and catheter navigation through the stent struts, and observation of coil deployment.

In addition to the new Hi-Def Detector, the Alphenix family includes the following new features:

  • Next generation Illuvis technology to reduce image noise with less lag time, as well as to provide clearer images at steep angles while delivering a decreased frame rate that can help reduce dose.
  • Real-Time Auto-Pixel Shift to automatically correct misalignment between the contrast and mask images during DSA and 2D Roadmapping.
  • Optional touch screen tablet to optimize tableside workflow with simplified control functions and the option to assign “favorites” to customize the interface, per physician.


“Canon Medical is redefining what is possible in intervention with the launch of the Alphenix family,” said Peter Blonk, Senior Manager of the X-Ray Business Unit at Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V. “With the highest resolution available in the angiography market, our customers now have the ability to perform minimally invasive procedures with clearer images to see fine details.”

Canon Medical is showcasing the new Alphenix and Alphenix Hi-Def Detector technology at this year’s ECR in Vienna, February 28 – March 03, 2019 (Expo X3).

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