With the Artemis*, Canon Medical has a best-in-class system for breast screening and diagnostic mammography. Crystal clear images and intuitive usability provide the confidence to perform any examination with comfort for the patient without compromising on image quality. Artemis adds reliable and excellent mammography imaging to our portfolio.

  • Excellent imaging outstanding workflow
  • Compact mammography system
  • Patient centered design
  • Top class 2D and 3D imaging
  • High throughput
  • Lightweight and accurate manual movements
  • Patented Continuous, Sync-and-Shoot imaging method to enable accurate tomosynthesis and eMaxView breast positioning system
  • Maximizes size of exposed tissue without extra compression force or pain

* Manufactured by Planmed OY, distributed by Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V.



Artemis intuitive touch control will completely change the mammography experience. The easy-to-learn environment offers a customizable workflow solution for all requirements- for beginners and advanced mammographers.

On-screen guide

OneTouch workflow™

Precision targeting, pinch to zoom


For a quick overview of the entire breast, the optional Artemis S2D allows you to create synthetic 2D images from the digital breast tomosynthesis data. The synthetic images are compatible to the conventional mammogram, so there is no need to obtain additional 2D images. While S2D can help saving time and dose, it also helps improve your patient’s comfort.

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Digital breast Tomosynthesis enables you to see finer details and small micro calcifications with ease. Superimposed tissue can impair breast cancer detection in traditional mammograms.